About Us

What is CSSP?

The Center for Special Studies and Programs, is an independent scientific non-profit institution affiliated to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and chaired by the BA Director. It was established by the Egyptian Presidential Decree no. 361 of 2002.

The CSSP has its own Director and selected Board of Directors.


Why are we different?

At the CSSP, we seek out the generation of creative and innovative research through our Research Grants programs. CSSP recognizes the existence of a pool of untapped potential available in young researchers all over Egypt eager to collaborate with international institutions, however lack the process needed for such collaboration.

All activities handled by the CSSP primarily demonstrate quality, excellence and intellectual rigor implemented in a spirit of professionalism and cost-effective position.

The CSSP is committed to providing an environment that both encourages and inspires scientists and those of interest to achieve their personal and professional goals.


Our Slogan:

Paving the Way to Quality Research and Development.

Our Vision

We aspire to place Egypt on the world map as a pioneer of science, technology, and research by preparing researchers and scientists in Egypt and the region to meet today's world's ever-increasing challenges.

We imagine a future in which scientists and researchers from diverse communities engage in creative, rigorous, and reflective dialogue for the benefit of humanity.

Our Mission

To become the nation’s premier force for the dissemination of good practice, advice, resources and materials and for the delivery of needs-based quality skills training for scientists and researchers.

To support a network of partnerships with centers, and elite institutions, all committed to the development of quality science and the acceleration of new technologies.

To achieve this mission the CSSP aims to:

  • Create a network of international collaboration
  • Support activities that enhance career progression
  • Sponsor scientific research projects
  • Promote science and technology through public awareness programs