Science Supercourse (SSC).

The Science Supercourse (SSC) project was jointly coordinated by the Library of Alexandria and the World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center for Disease Monitoring and Telecommunications at the University of Pittsburgh, USA.

SSC was launched in January 2009,  the project is designed to network scientists and to empower educators around the world through sharing scientific lectures online for free.

The Science Supercourse aims to provide the most updated, accessible online for free and continuously quality improved source to assist educators and scholars from developing countries to ameliorate their performance.

Using internet based approaches, and relying on the ubiquity of PowerPoint presentations all over the world, the SSC was  established by communities of practice in four main scientific disciplines, namely: Public Health, Agriculture, Engineering and Environment. From science education to crisis management, an enormous amount of posted information, organized into coherent domains of knowledge, are now available, searchable and downloadable for free.


  • Build a network of students and professors to help refine the internet compiled lectures.
  • Create a database of professionals and educators so they can share their PowerPoint presentations on the SSC website and if possible update the already existing PowerPoint lectures, to keep the website updated with most recent PowerPoint presentations in the  four fields of the project: Public Health, Agriculture, Engineering and Environment.