The CSSP delivers highly significant scientific events and activities throughout the year. These activities present the latest discoveries in different fields.

Simplified Science Program

We communicate science through “Simplified Science Program”. The program provides a series of scientific lectures that aim to introduce peaking and newly emerging fields of science to the public in a simplified way.

Health Education Club

It started in 2011 aims to identify, educate and provide the public community with the opportunity to learn, practice and share the attributes of a healthy lifestyle through regular educational sessions dealing with different health topics ex: Facing the Hepatitis C Epidemic in Egypt, HIV/AIDS, Hypertension, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles, and Breast Cancer…etc.

Youth in Science and Education

In line with our mission to pave the way for researchers and empower young scientists and their innovative ideas, we plan to host creative youth initiatives under the Youth in Science and Education Program. The program aims at supporting youth initiatives in the field of Science and Education.

Young Scientists Training Program (YSTP)

The YSTP is a collaboration between several national, regional and international entities to support outstanding researchers who undertake scientific research approaches across the science and technology spectrum. It offers complete training for researchers on the principles of scientific project management, research ethics, commercialization of science, scientific writing and editing, creative thinking, proposal writing, etc.

The Visiting Scholar Program (VSP)

The VSP invites scholars from around the globe to disseminate knowledge and exchange expertise with other scholars, researchers, and students working in the same fields. The invited scholars provide cross-cultural and international perspectives, and facilitate the initiation of exchange programs between their institutions and the BA.