Steering Migration through Sustainable Development: Euro-Egyptian Program for Agriculture and Rural Development (DeVilag).

This is an  EU TEMPUS funded project aims to develop the rural areas in Egypt, improve life standard and minimize the international and international migration of youth.

Project objectives:

  • Understanding the driving forces and root causes for both types of migration in different locations in Egypt.
  • Developing for each Egyptian university a site-specific capacity development program for key stakeholders in their regions.
  • Developing set of Open Education Resources and MOOCs to disseminate the knowledge for agriculture intensification and rural development in Egypt and beyond.
  • Enhancing the infrastructure of the Egyptian universities and enable them to offer the capacity development program on the long-run.

Project Partners:

RWTH Aachen University in Germany, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, University of Nicosia in Cyprus, Cairo University, Fayoum University, American University in Cairo, Agricultural Research Center and Bibliothca Alexandrina through CSSP.

CSSP Role in the Project: Quality Control

The work of the QC is primary concerned with ensuring project progress and that every task and activity within the project is carried out at high level of professionalism and in line with the project objectives.

For Further information: DeVilag